About Us

Community Aid St Andrews (CASA) was established by members of the St Andrews community to mobilise support for others in response to COVID-19.

We are a community of people who care for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us, and want to do what we can to encourage and support each other during this difficult time.In this group, you can

  • request support and connect with people who may be able help you
  • offer support to other members of the community, and
  • get information about other support that is available, other ways to volunteer and how to keep yourself and others safe.

We are committed to supporting each other effectively, wisely and safely and to liaising with other groups as much as possible. We may guide the ways in which help is provided through this group, in order to

  • promote excellent hygiene and safety, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus
  • coordinate some of the support provided through this group, to make it more effective, safer and linked to support organisations
  • reduce any risk of this group being used by some to mistreat or abuse others
  • ensure people interact with each other kindly and respectfully.