I’d like to offer help

Volunteer community aid

These are difficult times and we need to rely on each other. CASA is not an official organisation and is made up entirely of volunteers, so whilst we hope to do everything we possibly can to help those in our community folks should always ask the proper local authorities for help with the important things.

If you are able to offer a bit of help – for example, shopping, delivery, food and supplies, dog walking, childcare or just a friendly call – then please get in touch!

Volunteers who are part of the Protected Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme might be able to help community members with

  • prescription collection
  • friendly calls
  • childcare

Anyone can help community members in need of

  • grocery shopping
  • post or grocery delivery
  • supplies donation
  • gardening and practical help
  • skilled remote labour
  • transport for healthcare appointments

If you would like to register your interest in volunteering, we’ll need to get a few details and will be in touch soon!